4 Paint Trends For Kids Rooms

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4 Paint Trends For Kids Rooms That Your Family Will Love So Much That They Never Want To Leave Home

Accent Wall 

Cute and colorful, this is an ideal addition to any kids’ new bedroom. An accent wall is a perfect way to make a room ‘pop’ without dealing with painting four walls. What’s the best part? It’s easy to switch out when color trends change since it’s only one wall! Our VE Homes Design Center specialist can assist you with the latest trending paint colors for kids.


Creating a children’s bedroom utilizing stripe patterns on the walls not only provides a design wall that draws your eyes to the back of the bedroom as a focal point, but the stripes can make the room look even larger.

Here’s a tip to do this idea: measure how far off the ground you want the pattern to begin, then how thick you want the stripe to be, then just repeat the design up the wall. Use a painter’s tape for consistency and tape across the desired walls from beginning to end and top to bottom. Make sure to align the tape at the same height from wall to wall. What a fun way to add some character to a room!


We are loving the shape trend as an accent wall to add dimension and structure to a kid’s bedroom room. This is especially fun for a boy’s room using shapes of baseball, basketball or soccer ball patterns, or a girl’s room using bubbles, stars, and letter blocks. Let your imagination run wild with this fun creative idea!

VE Homes stencil blogArtistic Mural or Stencil 

Give your child’s room a unique artistic flair. Hire an artist to paint a mural of their favorite hobby, animal, or sport, or a stencil of their favorite color, shape or pattern. If you want to do it yourself, you can find mural tracing kits and stencils at most paint or craft stores and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. What a great project to get your kids involved in as well!

Don’t Forget the Trim 

Along with the 4 paint trends for kid’s rooms, the trim is also worth mentioning. While the trim in the rest of your new home is a neutral color, change it up in your child’s room by adding depth and dimension with wood! A textured rich color for the trim adds that finished touch and creates a polished look. This is especially fitting for teens and college-aged family members as they grow up in their new dream home by VE Homes.


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